Comfort electric bikes for adults Evolts o3 Series

Comfort electric bikes for adults Evolts o3 Series 2

Evolts o3 electric bikes for adults.

I guess you are asking, is this guy really going to pitch this in this site? Where is the flashy video?

But please hear me out for a few minutes: Hi my name is John Krechting.

First, I want to apologize if this video is not as professional as a lot of the other campaigns. I just thought maybe you already seen people jumping bikes and riding through the trails, so you rather get a better price and find out more about the product.

My passion is designing and manufacturing 2-wheel vehicles and electric bikes for adults, so we are manufacturers not marketers of other people’s designs. This is not a concept but an improved version of a electric bikes for adults that has sold thousands of pcs, build by a professional two-wheel manufacturers.

Over the past 20 years we have built 2 wheelers for companies and corporations including a joint project with Hyundai Corporation.

Since 2011 we have moved to electric bikes for adults, while doing this we found there were virtually no genuine moped style bikes.
In other words, mopeds styles with pedals that worked so they could be ridden without license and registration but still were comfortable and safe.
Most electric bikes for adults are build for people who are more athletic, can lift their leg over the bar and sit on small seats, with little suspension. As someone who no longer has youthful or athletic body, I know the difficulties.

In 2015 we began designing a model for Gigabyke in USA, the brief was it must be inexpensive, comfortable, safe and easy to ride.
Since this was a new product style, over the next thousand pcs sold, we must admit, we made some mistakes along the way.
That said, we never failed to fix the problems, make changes and find new ways to improve the model.

With version 2 we increased the power about 35% this included new wiring systems and introduced additional battery options. Doing this a lot of purchasers were happy.

We were working on series 3 with improved visuals like higher visibility lights and indicatorson the current electric bikes for adults.

We had been getting a lot of feedback from people who wanted to use the bike for simply getting around slowly. They found when they were learning or in crowded areas it had too much power.

So back to the drawing board, the result is the Evolts O3. which we designed a simple push button system for speed and power control.

By doing so we designed one of the world’s first walking bikes. On setting 1, you can ride with ease next to someone walking.
Now people with knee or hip problems can easily ride and talk to someone walking next to them. It is also easy for people who have not ridden for a long time to re-learn to ride at a much easier pace.
Press the button to 2 and you double the speed up to 10mph again you have full control.
Press the button to 3 and now you have full power to the legal USA limit of 20mph if you have more confidence or want to ride further.

So, I guess the question you are asking now is why crowd funding.
We have invested heavily in our new water-resistant motor, with the new control system we believed by offering perks at a lower price we could make more of the new controllers and wiring system necessary to make the price competitive.
We also wanted to give this exposure to as many people as possible.

We hope you can join us on this campaign and on our journey to promote and build bikes for the non-athletes of the world and for people who are looking for a safe and economical way to get around.