Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped

Written by Evolts Manager

On November 16, 2019

Comparison Electric Mobility Scooters vs Electric smart Moped

What is an Electric  Mobility Scooter?

Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped 1

An Electric Mobility scooter is basically a chair on wheels that can assist individuals.
This could be because of knee or Hip problems or also with some age related physical  problems or disabilities.

In basic terms it can be a combination of a wheelchair and electric scooter .
If you have some difficulties it can be pretty cool way to get around.



Are there alternatives to electric mobility scooters?

Until recently apart from the different types of electric mobility scooters, there was little choice if you wanted to maintain an active lifestyle.
This changed with the popularity of electric bikes, giving some people with lesser disabilities an alternative.
However, there was still the problem of, comfort factor, learning curve to ride, extra power and difficulty in getting on and off.
This restricted more than half of the people looking at this type of alternative to the electric mobility scooter.
Earlier Mopeds were usually out of the question since they were heavier and had license requirements.
With the popularity of the electric moped the answer seemed closer to a more freedom to get back to an active lifestyle.

Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped 2

What is a Electric smart Moped, is it finally an Alternative!

Evolts specializes in Electric bike style moped, these are lighter and are easier to ride, however similar to the electric bike the power still meant there was a steep learning curve.
That was until 2019 when the Evolts O3 designed one of the first electric smart moped.
Built specifically as a two wheel alternative to electric mobility scooters, for people with lesser mobility problems.
Giving them the chance to to get back  a more active lifestyle.

Why is it different?

The first electric smart moped with switchable three speed capabilities, allowing walking pace by motor or pedals, running pace and 20 MPH.

Easy to control when relearning riding a two wheel bike style. Comfortable with full suspension and wide comfortable seat.
You are able to touch the ground easily so mounting and dismounting is easy.

This is also an ideal option for any individual who has a problem standing for walking long distances. Just think about how much easier this portable vehicle will make grocery shopping, or commuting from place to place.

Now that you have a little bit of background information about the benefits of an electric mobility scooter or electric smart moped.

Let’s jump into the comparison!

We have looked at dozens of electric mobility scooters and have chosen a three wheel model for the comparison.

When it comes to finding the best option for you, keeping in mind each product’s suitability according to your health needs also, reliability, features, pricing, and overall quality. Here is what we found – enjoy!

Is it worth the investment?

You may be asking yourself if a electric mobility scooter or electric smart moped worth the money spent?
The answer is, YES!
Think of all the benefits you or your loved one will receive with one of these vehicles.
The most obvious one being they will give them the freedom of mobility and improved enjoyment of the outdoors.

This comparison will give you a some idea of what you need to consider before making this smart investment.
We want you to get the most for your money which is why we are doing this comparison, these models generally are durable, reliable, lasting you a lifetime.

Comparison of common Uses for Mobility

We briefly touched base on who benefits from these vehicles and their uses. Here are the top uses for electrical mobility scooters or electric smart moped, that can improve your quality of life.


Electric Mobility Scooter

You may see people at retail or grocery stores moving around in a mobility scooter.
This is because they are able to travel long distances when the scooters fully charged.
You already know that going to the supermarket means a lot of walking, sometimes for an entire hour.
An electric mobility scooter solves this problem in a comfortable and enjoyable way.
This is fine if you do not live too far from the store,as the maximum speed is generally 4 MPH and the terrain needs to be good enough for you to be able to get there safely.

If you live further from the store how do you transport a electric mobility scooter with you?
There are racks that can be fitted to your car. These are great scooter options but you still need to get them off and put them back on.
This seems a lot of work unless you plan on being there for some time.

Electric Smart Moped

With a legal top speed of 20 MPH without license requirements* the Evolts O3 was designed specifically for being able to go longer distances.
If you live further from the store you can still use the electric moped to go there and park at the door.
Once there you can easily use the stores mobility scooter to get what you need and return to your electric moped for the ride home.
The electric smart moped can be fitted with an optional rear storage box on the standard rear rack. There is also a standard front bag hook located next to the key for you to put your shopping bag.

Outdoors leisure Activity.

Electric Mobility Scooter

Keeping outdoors activities is always necessary for health, but moving around with a disability, injury, or the effects of aging on the body can be difficult.
For individuals who want to get outdoors but cannot walk around for long periods of times, even simple daily outdoor activities the electric mobility scooters can be of assistance!
Quality mobility scooters are designed with excellent charge meaning you can ride around most of the day before its time for a recharge.
Many models will also give you a warning when the battery is running low, giving you time to make it back to your house or car safely.

The problems is when your surrounding area is not reasonably flat or wide enough to fit the electric mobility scooter.
Some things like kerb’s mount a special challenge when they are at an unusual angle.

Electric Smart Moped

Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped 3The Evolts O3 was especially developed to enable you to be able to match your outdoors activity to the required power and speed.

With the switchable 3 speed technology it is one of the worlds first walking bike, meaning it can be ridden while accompanying someone at walking speed.
There are additional advantages of easy mounting and dismounting if you have hip or knee problems.

If you wish to keep up a conversation with someone walking next to you, the quiet motor and similar height to to someone walking will make conversations easier.
The terrain presents little challenge since it can go up and down curbs with full suspension and wide comfortable seat.


Electric Mobility Scooter

Electric mobility scooters are a great form of transportation. If it’s nice out and you don’t feel like driving your car, take your scooter out for a stroll!
You should be careful to ensure vehicles can see you as you sit relatively low on the electric mobility scooter.
There are heavy duty models that can handle anywhere from 300 to 600 lbs.

Although, if the local terrain is not even you may need to consider a more sturdy model that is made with quality tires and that can maneuver through rocky or rugged terrains.
These are more durable than most and offer you a safe way to get from place to place.

Electric Smart Moped

Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped 4

This is an area that the EVolts O3 electric smart moped definitely has a huge advantage.
With the ability to have different speeds according to the place it is being used.
Speed one in very busy public places, speed 2 for places where it is likely you will encounter many people.
Speed 3 is one that can be used for general transport with 20 MPH, the added advantage is the visibility. Not only are you sitting higher but the Evolts O3 is fitted standard with lights, hazard lights and mirrors as well as a horn to warn other track, road or sidewalk users.

Types of Mobility Scooters

What is the main reason you’re looking for a mobility scooter?
How often will you be transporting this on a car?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when looking for the right electric mobility scooter for you!

Not all electric mobility scooters are the same, which is why telling them apart is so important in finding the right one.
Below is a quick outline of the types of options available to you.

Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped 52-Wheel Electric Smart Moped

The benefits of the 2-wheel smart moped is the freedom of being able to have full control of the speed, with 3 select-able settings.
Each setting has full range of throttle response.
It also offers a transition from good health to maneuverable and easy to use mobility while catering for Knee, Hip or other medical or age related problems.
If your not ready to have to use a 3- or 4-wheel electric mobility scooter, you can still lead an active life with the 2-wheel electric smart moped Evolts O3.

Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped 6

3-Wheel Mobility Scooters

The benefits of a 3-wheeled scooter are that it gives users amazing maneuverability both indoors and outdoors.
They offer a full-size electric scooter chair that is comfortable and comes with fun features like armrests, swivel seats, or storage baskets.
They can also hold anywhere from 300 to 500 lbs. to accommodate your needs.

Comparison of Electric Mobility Scooter vs Electric Smart Moped 74-Wheel Mobility Scooters

These kinds offer the most stable because of the wider wheelbase.

They are designed specifically for outdoor use and designed for rugged, rocky terrain.
If you are looking for a heavy duty motorized medical scooter to take around town, and your mobility is limited , this is the kind for you!

Many models offer speeds of up to 8 mph with ranges of 25+ before its time to recharge.
Again, these are great for outdoor use and making wide turns but still need relatively level ground.

But if you need a mobility scooter for indoor use we suggest considering a 3-wheel option.


We hope that this comparison helps to make you more comfortable about using or purchasing either an electric mobility scooter for adults or a Electric smart moped.
Below is some final thoughts.

What is the best electric mobility scooter?

Even with this comparison each type of mobility options will come down to several factors.

Such as:

  1. Your health and advice from your health provider.
  2. The range of your mobility and the capacity to balance.
  3. The surrounding terrain and distance to things like the store or shop.
  4. Weather you need to use it outdoor or both, indoor and outdoor.
  5. What you want to use it for.
  6. Budget available.
  7. Features you need.

The best electric mobility scooters differ depending on the needs of the individual.
As stated keep in mind the speed you need, intended use, price, and features to find the best scooter for you.







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